Welcome to the Hong Kong Maritime Industry Council website.

Located at the coastline of Southern China with a deep sheltered harbour, Hong Kong is not only the pre-eminent maritime centre in Asia but also a major international maritime centre in the world. Hong Kong has built up this reputation by its rich heritage of maritime services, which are well known for their efficiency, competitiveness and professionalism.

Hong Kong has a very successful maritime industry with a comprehensive network of experienced shipowners, ship management companies and companies providing ship finance, insurance, brokerage, surveying, repairing, arbitration and legal services. Hong Kong shipowners own or manage about 9 per cent of the deadweight tonnage of the world's merchant fleet.

Moreover, Hong Kong possesses a world-class shipping register. The Hong Kong Shipping Register is reputed for its high quality and excellent services, and has, as a result, attained remarkable growth in recent years. On the other hand, the Port State Control detention rates for the Hong Kong registered ships remain well below the world averages.

Last revision date: 9 December 2015